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Tower of Light is majestic downtempo electronica, pure sonic beauty, where synthetic simplicity meets inner complexity.

“Delightfully quirky and perfectly weird, this is the kind of electronic music that you never knew you needed until you hear it”
Magnetic Mag

"An Ambient fairy tale at its finest"

faze mag

"The score for a fantastical parallel universe"
tome to the weather machine

"A dreamy and magical place"
In your eyes

"An electronic quark of strangeness and charm"
acid ted blog

"The Ambient Girl has reached a large lake, it is dark. There is a man in a small two person boat, he is the “Boatman”, he is wearing a cloak with a large hood covering his face.

The Ambient Girl knows she must cross the lake to continue her journey so she bravely asks the Boatman for help. He rows her across the lake. As they reach the shore the Ambient Girl gets out of the boat and then she turns to the Boatman and asks if he is going to come with her on her journey.

He answers in deep tones, “Do you understand what you are asking?”, she replies, “yes I understand”, and offers the man her hand.

With this offering the man removes his cloak to become a tower of light reaching into the highest heavens, the light is arcing in every direction, streaming every colour of the rainbow, enveloping all things, becoming all things, everything is filled with this light in every way imaginable."

TOWER OF LIGHT is the sequel album to AMBIENT GIRL.

TOWER OF LIGHT is a collection of musical works based on the TOWER OF LIGHT story, which was also written by Ross Harper. 

The TOWER OF LIGHT artwork is by internationally acclaimed award winning contemporary classical painter Iva Troj. It is custom artwork inspired by the TOWER OF LIGHT story. 

CLICK HERE to buy a copy of the artwork at Bandcamp.

Catronik Design has been busy making some super cool videos to accompany the music, use the link below to watch them at YouTube.

to watch the videos at YouTube.


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