"I see machinery, I see a man of light holding a key of light, surrounded by the huge machinery, like giant cogs and pistons, he stands on a raised platform amid the machinery, the colours around are browns and shades of darkness, the browns are like beautiful shades of rust. 


Then I notice a slender female figure is kneeling down on one knee, her head bowed, she is wearing a dark cloak with the hood covering her face, then I see in her hands she is holding a small bouquet of flowers, her spirit is full of stillness.


Then the man of light anoints the kneeling one with the key of light and there is then an explosion of light"

(Ross Harper, November 2018)

What the critics are saying...

"serious candidate for electronic album of the year" In Your Eyes

"Surreal and dreamy" Magnetic Magazine

"Nice chill out" Faze Magazine

"Like it!" Groove Magazine

AMBIENT GIRL is the new 

downtempo album by UK based music producer ROSS HARPER.

The inspiration behind AMBIENT GIRL comes from a series of poems and stories by ROSS HARPER. 


These stories and poems jumpstarted a collaboration with award winning artist IVA TROJ and resulted in the creation of the AMBIENT GIRL oil painting, which is based on the album's main narrative.

Canvas Prints of the Ambient Girl oil painting start from as little as £12 + P&P


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